I want to hear your thoughts about road upgrades in West Suffolk

The Government has opened a consultation into major road upgrades over the next five years. 


As West Suffolk MP I will have an input into this decision, and I am reaching out to my constituents to give you a chance to contribute. What you and other constituents tell me will determine my response to the Government consultation - technically called the Road Investment Strategy (RIS3).


This consultation feeds into this “RIS3” which sets out the planned investments in the strategic road network from 2025 to 2030. To ensure that the RIS3 aligns with our community's needs and priorities, your input is vital. I want to hear your thoughts on which roads require urgent upgrades and improvements. Your contributions will help me accurately represent your views in the consultation, which will shape the decision-making process.


So, whether it’s upgrading the A1307, the A143, the fiveways junction on the A11, or the junctions on the A14 - or another much needed upgrade - you let me know what you think I should be pushing for. 


You can fill out this survey, or I ask you to share your views and insights through the online questionnaire, which can be accessed via https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/shaping-the-future-of-englands-strategic-roads 


If you’re not a constituent, this isn’t for you - but feel free to contact your own MP so they can represent your views in this really important consultation. 


Thank you in advance for your valuable contributions

I want to hear your thoughts about road upgrades in West Suffolk

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