My opposition to the Sunnica solar & battery farm

I remain vehemently against Sunnica's plans to build the UKs largest solar and battery farm across West Suffolk and South East Cambridgeshire.

We will be ramping up the campaign to show Sunnica the community's strength of feeling and stop the plans.

As I outlined in last month's Telegraph, even the most ardent supporter of renewable energy can see that putting a huge battery farm right next to villages is a bad idea.

Those behind this proposal have completely failed to bring the community with them, refused to attend all the key meetings and haven't even tried to win over local support.

By attempting to force through unpopular proposals they damage the case for delivering the renewables we need. I support solar developments locally where they are in the right place, with the support of us locally. The way Sunnica have gone about this is completely wrong.

If you missed it, you can read it here 👇