The 22 March attack in Westminster

An attack on our democratic Parliament is an attack on us all, and the British way of life. We must not give in to those who use violence to attack our values, and so the work of Parliament as the fulcrum of our democracy must continue as normal.

 I pay tribute to all the police who protect us and in so doing protect our democracy, and the deepest sympathy for innocent victims killed and injured. And I want to express I sincere gratitude to the brave Keith Palmer, who gave his life in protecting us.

 I saw nothing of the attack as I was voting in the Commons, and have only praise for the immediate and highly professional response of the police to secure the building and everyone in it: MPs, staff and the public alike. 

 I also want to thank constituents for all the messages of support I've received. What happened yesterday is a reminder that however robust our democracy can be, the fact that we make decisions that way, through open debate by elected representatives, is precious, and must be defended.