Bury Free Press - April 2019

Polling day is nearly here for the local elections; on 2nd May electors in West Suffolk will have the opportunity to elect 64 councillors to the new West Suffolk Council. In addition, hundreds of parish and town council candidates will be standing to represent you for the next four years.  In the run up to the local elections, it is so important that we acquaint ourselves with the candidates.  We need to find out what they stand for and what are their views on the local issues that affect us. Conservative controlled councils have a proven record of managing your money wisely whilst delivering excellent public services and for having lower council taxes than Labour and Liberal Democrat controlled councils. The choice you make when you go to the local polls will have a direct impact on the kinds of public services you receive and the amount of council tax you pay, so it’s very good news that our West Suffolk Conservative councillors have continued to protect services and kept our council tax frozen despite an 81% reduction to our grants over the past 5 years. And because it’s an efficient local authority, they have attracted external funding grants of over £44,000 and capital funding of over £1.9 million pounds. Conservative councils save families more than £100 per year more than Labour and Liberal Democrat controlled councils. And with local councils spending 25% of all public money, it’s important that we elect the candidates that will do the best job for us. In West Suffolk, the Conservative controlled councils are using innovative methods to raise more money to subsidise services and keep your council tax low, such as operating a solar farm, which sells power to the grid for an income, or buying industrial properties to help free up capital for businesses to invest in their workforce and provide rental income to the Council. The Conservatives have had many other successes, as well. We know how important housing is to hard-working people and over the past five years, our local council has delivered 842 affordable homes, and via their own housebuilding company they will build many more houses for sale and rent right across West Suffolk.


At the beginning of April St Edmundsbury Borough Council merged with Forest Heath District Council - it’s now called West Suffolk Council. The formation of a single council for West Council will benefit residents. It’s combined services under the Conservatives has already been delivering savings of £4million per annum and after May it will save a further £800,000 per year of your money, whilst providing future proof financial stability in order to provide for local communities. The Conservatives in West Suffolk have achieved a lot and I hope they may continue to work for you, but they need your support on 2nd May.

I hope you will join me in getting to know your local candidates, ask their opinions and positions on the local issues that affect you. Voting Conservative is essential, because failing to vote Conservative will just let other, less committed candidates, in by default. Once elected, these councillors will be working hard on your behalf. I hope you can get to your local polling station and vote Conservative on Thursday, 2 May.