100 Businesses in 100 days

 Over the last 100 days I have visited 100 different business around the country. From small to large firms I have met business owners who have benefited from our recovery. Jobs are being created, wages are up and the future for families is more secure. We now have one of the fastest growing major economies in the world and we are getting our national finances back under control.  I know that that recovery is down to the hard work and dedication of businesses across our country and that is why I wanted to hear their stories of success.  It is their entrepreneurial drive which has been crucial to the recovery of our economy.And the Conservative party will continue to support business and in turn support more jobs, with a plan that we know is working.  We must not risk the future of businesses, of families, by giving the keys back to those who crashed the car in the first place. 

Business 1: Sanctuary Social Care

Business 1 of my Great Business Tour is Sanctuary Social Care in Ipswich. Sanctuary Social Care is the largest independent provider of social workers in the UK. In the last five years, they have experienced rapid growth and are one of the largest employers in Ipswich: they have employed 100 apprentices through their highly successful apprenticeship academy, employee numbers have trebled, and revenue has soared to over £140 million. Thanks to our long term economic plan Sanctuary Social Care has been able to grow and expand. We must not put their success, and the success of other businesses, at risk by allowing Ed Miliband into Number 10. I visited Sanctuary with the fantastic Ben Gummer PPC for Ipswich, a great advocate for local people who will stand up for job creation and growth. 

Business 2: Joy Flowers

Business 2 of my Great Business Tour is Joy Flowers in Harlow. Joy Flowers is located in Bush Fair, Harlow, where they have a wonderful selection of flowers, plants, gifts and hampers. I visited with Robert Halfon, the brilliant voice of Harlow, and was met by the wonderful owner who praised how we’ve helped her create jobs.  

Business 3: Rocket Training

Business 3 of my Great Business Tour is Rocket Training on the Wirral, a leading provider of training and education across Merseyside. I believe in giving all the chance to reach their potential.

Business 4: Whitmore and White

Business 4 of my Great Business Tour is Whitmore and White in Wirral, an independent food hall and wine merchant. I visited with the brilliant Graham Evans, PPC for Weaver Vale and I heard how lower business rates helped them create jobs.  

Business 5: Venture Caravans

Business 5 of my Great Business Tour is Venture Caravans in St Asaph. I visited with James Davies, the Conservative Candidate for the Vale of Clwyd and heard how demand is increasing as confidence returns.