VivaTech speech in Paris

Bon après-midi. C’est un véritable honneur d’être ici à VivaTech aujourd’hui.

[Good afternoon. It is an honour to be here at VivaTech today]

J’ai le souvenir d’être devant la télé âgé de douze ans, je me souviens comme si c’était hier.

Tech Nation speech

Good morning.

It’s a great pleasure to be here and it’s a very exciting day to mark Tech City UK and Tech North evolving into Tech Nation and the launch of this fourth Tech Nation report .

Full Fibre Investment Conference speech

Good morning everybody and a very warm welcome to this vital event.

How fitting that we are at the Tate Modern today. A one time power station that has been adapted and repurposed as a haven for modernity and cutting edge ideas.

Launch of the AI Sector Deal speech

Good afternoon everyone.

What a fantastic occasion to come together and recognise the importance of artificial intelligence.

I want to stress the importance of this Sector Deal for us in Government and its vital place at the heart of the Industrial Strategy.

Change Makers Summit speech

I’m delighted to be here at this day to celebrate the changemakers.

I came here on the Tube. I was unable to get past Parliament Square, because a statue was being unveiled to Millicent Fawcett, herself a great changemaker.

Commonwealth Sports Breakfast speech

Your Royal Highness, your excellencies, lords, ladies and gentlemen.

It is a real pleasure to be here to celebrate the Commonwealth, which is as relevant and important today as it has ever been.

London Blockchain Conference speech

Thank you for that introduction, and for inviting me to join you here today.

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