Matt Hancock's statement on the upcoming European Referendum

The decision on whether or not to remain part of the EU is one of the biggest decisions in a generation. I am delighted that we will deliver on our clear commitment and ensure the British people can exercise their sovereignty and take that decision in a referendum on 23 June.

The economic case for membership is clear, and further strengthened by the reforms secured in the renegotiation. The verdict for jobs and prosperity is unambiguous: Britain is better off in a reformed Europe. In a turbulent and uncertain world we should not add to those risks to our economic security with years of uncertainty.

The renegotiation ensures Britain is no longer part of a slide towards ever closer union. Our new “special status” means we will never join the euro, the free borders area, or be part of a European superstate, but will be able to trade freely with our biggest trading partner.

I will campaign to remain in a reformed EU, and urge others to do the same.