Right to Buy

Matthew Hancock MP has welcomed the news that thanks to the Conservatives, housing association tenants in England will be eligible to buy their housing association home and will soon be able to register their interest.

In Forest Heath 4030 families will potentially be able to benefit from this change, as well as 7790 in St Edmundsbury, helping them to get on the housing ladder and buy their own home at a price they can afford. 

Overall, 1.3 million families will now have the chance to buy their housing association over the coming years home thanks to the Conservatives – that’s 1.3 million more families being able to achieve their dream of owning their own home.

These changes will be set out in a new Housing Bill that will also contain measures to build new discounted homes for first-time buyers, unlock public sector land for new homes and give local people more of a say over where new housing goes.

Matt commented:

‘Conservatives want more people who work hard and save up to be able to enjoy the security of owning their own home. 

‘That is why we are extending Right to Buy to housing association tenants. This will potentially benefit thousands of families in West Suffolk. Right to Buy has already helped over two million families get on the housing ladder since it was first launched in 1980 and now many more people will have the same opportunity. 

‘This is part of our commitment to back families who have worked hard, paid their rent and played by the rules. This will mean a new generation of people able to achieve their dream and enjoy the security that comes from owning your own home’.