Speakers for Schools needed

Calling arts leaders - Speakers for Schools needed


The arts are potentially one of the greatest forces for openness and social mobility we have. Learning about our cultural heritage is central to having a well rounded education. So we are working closely with Education Ministers to promote the arts in schools as one of my top priorities.


A simple but effective way of doing this is getting inspirational leaders into schools to talk about the huge benefits of the arts.


I am working with the excellent Speakers for Schools - a charity that provides state schools with free talks from leading figures - and the National Portrait Gallery Director, Dr Nick Cullinan to create a database of arts and creative leaders who would be willing to give talks to pupils.


The response so far has been phenomenal with hundreds signing up within just a few days. It shows the scale of the enthusiasm and opportunity.


As many of you will know, saving the Art History A Level is an important step, but is part of a much wider effort. Britain’s future will be determined by the combination of our creative flair and technical expertise, so it is vital that the next generation is well prepared.


If you are interested in getting involved or would like further details, please email matthew.hancock.mp@parliament.uk