November 2018 Bury Flyer article

Driving around my West Suffolk constituency recently, I passed through the Fiveways roundabout at Barton Mills.  As many of you may know, improvements to the roundabout are well underway.

November 2018 Bury Free Press

The phrase referring to Britain as “a nation of shopkeepers” is often attributed to Napoleon, but this concept even predates Napoleon.  Adam Smith, the philosopher and economist, also referred to “a nation of shopkeepers” in his 1776 book “A Wealth of Nations”.  But no matter who got there first,

October 2018 Bury Free Press

I hope during this past summer with the most glorious weather that I can ever remember, you were able to get out and about and really enjoy it. Aside from the weather, it was also a fantastic summer for world-class sport with the World Cup and Wimbledon to name just a couple.

NHS Leadership speech


70 years ago, a visionary leader took on one of the mightiest empires the world has ever seen.


He didn’t have an army. He didn’t fire a single bullet.