Leading the way for local authorities: The Mildenhall Hub

It is fantastic news that extra funding has now been made available for the creation of the Mildenhall Hub. I look forward to seeing great transformations in the services in the local area. The ambitious Mildenhall Hub project aims to bring together a variety of community services in one place. The planned site is the former Riverside Middle school in Sheldrick way.

A bright future for Racing

Since my election as the MP for West Suffolk I have fought tirelessly for a fair deal for Horse Racing and to close an offshore loophole that has allowed large bookmakers to avoid tax, UK consumer regulations and the Levy payments that support Racing. In Newmarket, the international home of the sport, 5,000 of my constituents have jobs linked to the industry.

IES Breckland Free School eligible for Tablets-4-Teachers

Having campaigned for years to keep our school in Brandon the Ofsted report is clearly disappointing, but I am glad that IES Breckland has already taken steps to address points raised in Ofsted’s report and it is important that the school has acknowledged that it needs to improve.

A level playing field for horse racing

Horseracing is Britain’s second largest sport and with turnover of £3.5bn, the sport employs over 100,000 people and draws annual crowds of 6 million. It generated over £275m in tax in 2012, and over £1.4bn in the last five years.

Spending Valentine's Day with Rubbish Friends

It isn't actually as bad as it sounds! Normally when you find yourself spending part of Valentine’s Day with rubbish friends it is because something has gone pretty badly wrong, but that  wasn't the case today.

Why I voted to ban smoking in cars with children

Last night I voted to ban smoking in cars where a child is present. I wanted to thank all those of who took the time to contact me with your views on this issue and explain why I decided to vote for the ban.

Have your say on smoking in cars

On Monday I will be in the House of Commons voting on whether or not to ban smoking in cars carrying children. Since this touches on some very fundamental questions about individual rights, the Government have decided this should be a free vote, meaning MPs will not be voting along party lines. 

Meet Your MP in Red Lodge

I am looking forward to one of my regular ‘Meet Your MP’ events this Friday in Red Lodge. I really enjoy these as they give me the chance to speak to my local constituents about the issues they are concerned with, locally or nationally. Listening to people is a vital part of my job as West Suffolk’s MP and it is important I get the chance to talk with my constituents and hear from them directly.