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Launching ALF


21st September 2023


House of Commons

I am absolutely delighted to share with you that last night I launched the Accessible Learning Foundation - or 'ALF', for short - a not-for-profit charitable foundation supporting people with neurodivergent conditions.

It was amazing to connect with so many people who share my passion for early identification of neurodivergent conditions, with an incredible evening in the Churchill Room, at the Houses of Parliament this week.

A huge shoutout to everyone who helped bring 'ALF' to life! We're all about making a real impact, and here's why we're doing it...

I founded 'ALF' to improve the identification and support for dyslexia and other neurodivergent conditions. I personally experienced the challenges of being dyslexic and not being identified in school, and I don't want others to go through that. Tragically, just 1 in 5 dyslexic children have their condition identified in school. We need to change that, starting with primary school kids.

Equally as shocking, did you know that over half of people in prisons have a reading age below that of an 11-year-old? That's why we're also pushing for better identification and understanding of neurodiverse conditions in prisons to help reduce reoffending and crime.

'ALF' is also working to spread awareness of neurodiversity in workplaces. We're looking to work together with other fantastic organisations like, Neurodiversity in Business, to promote staff training and support, making workplaces more inclusive for neuro-divergent employees.

If you're as passionate about this cause as we are, please consider supporting us with a donation. Even a small contribution can go a long way in helping us make a difference.

Just click on the link to visit our website at

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