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Future of horseracing


April 2023


House of Commons


25th October 2023

I'm delighted the debate in Parliament today on the future of horseracing had such a strong turnout. All sides of the House highlighted the need to address the issues that British horseracing is currently facing.

I want to thank, Stuart Andrew, the Minister, for his contribution during the debate. I’m pleased that he has agreed to write to the Home Office about the staff shortages in the horseracing industry and the recent recommendation from the Migration Advisory Committee to add some crucial racing professions to the Shortage Occupation List. He also committed to ensuring the Gambling Commission acts proportionally on affordability checks, so we don’t drive people to unregulated online sites. Minister, Stuart Andrew, also committed to completing the Levy review by April.

All important commitments - now we need to see action.

If you missed the debate, you can watch the entire discussion, including my speech, by clicking on this link:

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